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About Fendalton Bowling Club

The Club nestles in the idyllic surrounds of Fendalton Park, which is on the main thoroughfare from Christchurch International Airport to the city centre.

The concept of a bowling club emerged in 1942 when the Fendalton Company of the Home Guard disbanded leading ultimately to an inaugural meeting on 19th June 1944. Nineteen of the thirty-three men attending were former Home Guardsmen. The Fendalton Domains Board had allocated a site on the northern edge of Fendalton Park but it proved unsuitable because of inadequate drainage and further negotiation led to the Waimairi County Council purchasing land beside the attractive Waimairi Stream for lease to the embryonic bowling club. Massive labour by many volunteers resulted in the conversion of a neglected paddock to a fenced area upon which a bowling green was constructed. By 1949 a second green together with basic buildings had been established.

The Club’s first Patron, Hori Coutts Collett was one of the founder members. He worked in all roles from the Home Guard days through initial physical labour to the champion bowler, Club President, Dominion President and International Bowling Delegate. He was vested as Patron in 1994 and his efforts are visible today in all aspects of the Club – nominally in the Hori Collett gateway at the main entrance and the first floor Hori Collett lounge.

Welcome to Fendalton Bowling Club

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